måndag 26 februari 2007

The sun is shining

Status: Monday night, hobbyalcoholic, reading Unamuno, thinking and feeling...

I truly believe that I´m carrying around small devils cos the people I like is always the people leaving.
I started to think that maybe it´s the leaving that makes people come closer? Maybe is it the knowledge about the there´s a trip coming up real soon and it makes you care and feel.
I remember when I had to leave a really important person for me in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He was always and still saying to me that he has only made one misstake in his life and that´s to let go of me...yea sure, it meant a lot what happened but sometimes I´m trying to think, to not be too sentimental, that we got so close just because we both knew that we would never meet again, that those 74 days before my trip home was all we had in life. Now he is happily married and got a lovely daughter.

Life makes such turns and I think noone of us can ever keep up with that speed. I´m not sad cos my friends left back home, I´m happy for getting to know them...I´m happy if they are happy back home. Last night I was at the beach and even if the time and the watch were parts of everything said and everything done I felt like time stopped, so only for 2 second but for me it stopped. I was truly happy...I will never stop smiling.

Es lo que hay; now the sun is shining in Brasil...stay cool

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João sa...

It was definetelly an amazing experience.
Those moments at the beach were really something unforgetable.

It was when you came to me at Ovella Negra that night that i could truely feel nothing but happiness all over our smiles. No words needed for those 5sec...

Fique em paz Jo,