söndag 8 april 2007

What decide you taste?

I had for a few semester a secret love in my town, we just met at clubs and were inpossible to seperate for a few hours before he went to his place and me to my place, there was never a chat about going home together. We could stay outside for hours just kissing after the closing but never ever we went home...2 semesters, 1 year, every wednesday for 40 weeks...and I was so in love with this guy. When Im telling my friends about him they imagine a tall, handsome prince with dark eyes, marked jaws and a sexy smile...then when they see him...well, the mayority had said, "but Johanna he is so NOT-YOU"...
So, what decides you taste? Who can say he is so not-me? What´s me then?

The picture is me and my secret love this Friday when we met again after more than a year apart....you can tell the way I feel for him by just looking at my eyes

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