torsdag 15 mars 2007

I feel like Bridget Jones at work...

...I actually do. Except that Im wearing jeans, not a mini-shirt, except that my boss is NOT Hugh Grant, except that I dont wear a see through top....well, except those things, I feel like Bridget Jones at work.
· I checked my e-mail 2957459 times in 1,5 hour
· I wrote in my online diary (the travel book)
· I went peeing 4 times
· Ive been thinking about going home 5 times
· I planned my party nite
· I tried to plan my weekend
· Ive reading about courses to take the next semester (OBS; starts in September!!!)
· Ive been reading the news...well, the news about famous people, whom is dating whom....what to wear etc.
· I have even sent an e-mail to myself, just to check that my mail is working!

(Wait have to check my, nothing)

Barcelona is such a small first thought was that it´s a huuuuuuge international city and that you can always go unseen at the streets...but no; its not true.
I used to study in Lund (south of Sweden) and there I got to know all the Spanish guys (not the girls....they got something against me) well, anyway, all the guys except one! I saw him all over the town, we said hi but never talked more, suddenly one day he was gone and I didnt even know his name...I tried to find out but noone knew who I was talking about...

(wait...e-mail check...)

1,5 year after this happening I moved here, to Barcelona, and the 2nd day in our new apartment me and my friend throwed a housewarming party...I was sitting in the sofa, stoned, drunk and way too tired and suddenly this guy (!) was standing in the door to my livingroom. I couldnt believe it! And after the party seen, no calling, nada, zero, noll...

(Mobile check...maybe someone texted me...noooo, of course not)

Last week I went running to the beach (yes I acctually go running once in a while) and when I reached the empty beach (was at nite) put my foot in the sand this guy is passing me dressed in just a towel...sadly I was so chocked so I just continuted running...

Just one of the small happenings in my everyday life in B-town.

Back to sending e-mails to myself....

Stay Coolisch babies

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Lisa sa...

Cuando no nos pagan nada, podemos hacer como Bridget Jones todos los dias. Mandame tu email por favor ;)